Dr. V. Stephen Slana, M.D. S.C.

Dr. Raffi Karapetian, D.O.



Cataract Surgery:

Kenosha Eye Physicians & Surgeons specialize in small incision surgery sutureless surgery. We utilize the standard and premium lens implants to offer choices for patients to lessen the need for glasses after surgery. Premium lens implants include accommodative, multifocal, and toric lens implants from various manufacturers to treat presbyopia and astigmatism. We aim to reduce your dependency on glasses.

YAG Laser for Cataract:

Kenosha Eye Physicians & Surgeons can perform an in-office laser treatment for the secondary cataract that commonly occurs after cataract surgery.


Kenosha Eye Physicians & Surgeons can help lower patient’s intraocular pressure without eye drops by utilizing various procedures including the selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) for open angle glaucoma and also YAG laser for peripheral iridotomy for narrow angle glaucoma.


Kenosha Eye Physicians & Surgeons can biopsy and repair eyelid lumps (chalazion/stye) and tumors.  We also correct eyelids that are turning in (entropion) rubbing on the cornea or turning out (ectropion) causing redness and irritation.