Dr. V. Stephen Slana, M.D. S.C.

Dr. Raffi Karapetian, D.O.


Ocular Disease

Kenosha Eye Physicians & Surgeons treat all diseases of eyes.
The more common ones are cataract, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and amblyopia.


Symptoms: Blurry vision, glare, difficulty seeing road signs, difficulty reading

Treatment:  Kenosha Eye Physicians & Surgeons personalizes the treatment plan to patient’s needs. We incorporate the use of standard and premium lens implants including Acrosoft IQ toric, Restor, Crystalens, and Trulign toric.


Symptoms: Painless loss of vision, typically seen in patients with strong family history

Kenosha Eye Physicians & Surgeons tailors treatment plans to preserve optic nerve from further damage with eye medications, lasers, and surgery. We work with patients to enhance compliance by offering both name brand and generic medications along help in obtaining affordable necessary medications. Kenosha Eye Physicians & Surgeons has selective laser trabeculectomy (SLT) to open the trabecular mesh work to lower patient IOP without drops. When it is time, we can perform surgery to keep IOP low delaying further damage to optic nerve and vision.

Macular Degeneration:

Symptoms:   Painless central vision loss in older patients

Treatment:   Kenosha Eye Physicians & Surgeons have the technology to analyze the macular thickness and work in conjunction with retinal doctors to treat the underlying macular disease.

Diabetic Retinopathy:

Symptoms:   Floaters, decrease in vision

Treatment:   Kenosha Eye Physicians & Surgeons diagnose and treat diabetic retinopathy and work with a primary physician to obtain best results by advising medication and lifestyle changes to prolong life and reduce comorbidity.

Amblyopia & Strabismus:

Symptoms:   Blurry vision, cross eyes, wandering eyes

Treatment:   Kenosha Eye Physicians & Surgeons work with your family and school to obtain straight eyes and useful vision for children.

Red Eye:

​Symptoms:   Red eyes, light sensitivity, discharge

Treatment:   Kenosha Eye Physicians & Surgeons can accommodate urgent problems with contact lens induced keratitis, foreign body, iritis and more. We work to diagnose and treat medications and sometimes, to change your old habits and give you tools to treat and feel more comfortable with your eyes.